Tuesday Check-In: Rainy day and #bestblogs14

Tuesday Check In | A Little Bit Of Lisa #bestblogs14

What a miserable day today. It’s raining and grey and a bit chilly here in Ballarat.
I had a strong test of my willpower today when waking up to this rain. I sold my car at the weekend (YAY!) so walking to the gym in the rain was not very desirable this morning but I did it anyway. Brrr.
See look, up there ^, I got rained on.

I’ve literally spent the entire past week watching Game of Thrones seasons one, two and three so I have done not much else except for work and work out.

I think I’m bored of my training schedule so I plan to give it an overhaul this week. I want to do new things and different things, instead of the same plan every week.

In other news, I’m a nominee in the Australian Writers Centre Best Blog Awards!
Very exciting!
Also, I’m entered into the People’s Choice category, which means you can help a sister out by voting for me!!
Please vote for me here.
All you have to do is click the link, find A Little Bit Of Lisa on the list – it’s on the first page! – then click through to make your vote. Then send me your address so I can cut off my ear and mail it you to express my gratitude.
Not really.


Selling my car! This means I am one HUGE step closer to moving back to NZ :)


“I keep telling myself that I’m a human being, an imperfect human being who’s not made to look like a doll, and that who I am as a person is more important than whether I have a nice figure.” – Emma Watson

What do you do when you get bored of your workout routine? Tell me about your week in the comments below! PS. You look lovely today.

Tuesday Check-In: New Zealand love

Tuesday Check-In | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Gosh, I love my country!
I went to New Zealand for a few days last week to see my boyf’ Adam while he was on his army break, as you know, and I had the actual best time ever.
Actual best.

We stayed right in the city in Wellington and it was the bomb diggity. Such a cool little city, with so many people around and lots going on.
We went to the movies, ate yummy food, took loads of selfies, had a fun night out on the town, did a tour of the Beehive and Parliament House, checked out the national museum Te Papa and spent a lot of time shopping.
On our last day we also went for a day trip to Palmerston North, which is the town we’ll likely be living in when I move over very shortly! I was impressed by the town and especially by the shopping centre.
Slightly less impressed by the fairly shaky earthquake we experienced while munching on our lunch though.

Another highlight was visiting the Les Mills Extreme gym in the Wellington CBD. It’s the biggest gym I’ve ever been to and holy moly it was flash.
There was three or four floors with a huge cardio theatre, weights rooms, boxing ring, studios, a women’s section and the flashest change rooms ever.
Very cool.

You’ll have to forgive me over the next few weeks for not blogging as often as I’d like to because I’m really starting to gear up to move back to New Zealand and there is buttloads of things to do. Apologies in advance!
But I will be posting on my Facebook page as often as possible, so if you haven’t already then jump over there and like my page so we can keep being the bestest of friends!


Obviously seeing Adam after two months apart! Durr.


 Great post from Erin Brown of Fit Mama Training about exercising for self-care.
 Five reasons the ‘fitness ideal’ is more about hate than health.
 “We need to stop reinforcing this idea that if you’re not thin, you’re obese.” This is such a good, detailed post about not focusing on a single calculation (like BMI) to decide if you’re healthy or not.
 Want to start running, or even get back into running? I wrote about this last week! Get into it, babelicious!


“There’s only, like, five perfectly symmetrical people in the world, and they’re all movie stars, and they should be, because their faces are very pleasing to look at, but the rest of us are just a jangle of stuff, and the earlier you learn that you should focus on what you have and not obsess about what you don’t have, the happier you will be.” – Amy Poehler

What do you have loads of love for this week? Tell me in the comments below!

Gym Style: 12 pairs of snazzy running shoes

Gym Style | Running shoes | Asics Skyspeed | A Little Bit Of Lisa

The No.1 thing that can make or break your run is your shoes.
Because if you have butt ugly running shoes on then you just won’t be able to go as fast. It’s common knowledge.

Ok, fine, I’m only kidding.
But it is important to have a decent pair of shoes for running so you can be comfortable, give your feet, ankles and legs the right support, and to avoid injury.

You should probs go to your local shoe shop or podiatrist or physiotherapist to get an assessment of your feet and run style so you know the type of support you need in a pair of shoes. Once you know what you need, then you can look for a style you like.

I found some snazzy looking shoes for you right here! With all different levels of support and shape, and also brands that I know are popular and highly recommended by other runners.

Personally, I always rock Asics when running.
The ones I’m wearing above are the Asics DS Sky Speed.

Eeek, I want all the colours!

10 running shoes | A Little Bit Of Lisa

1. Newton Gravity, $199.95. 2. Nike Free 5.0 V4, £80.00. 3. Nike Free 3.0 V5, $159.95. 4. Saucony Kinvara 4, $79.99. 5. Mizuno Wave Elixir 8, $119.99. 6. Nike Free TR III, £85.00. 7. ASICS GEL-Nimbus 15, $169.99. 8. Skora CORE, $155. 9. Mizuno Wave Creation, $239.95. 10. Reebok SubLite Duo Chase, $79.99. 11. ASICS GEL-Super J33, $100. 12. Asics GEL-Noosa Tri 9, $140.

How to start running: be brave and keep going

How to start running | A Little Bit Of Lisa

Of all the workouts, I think that running is probably the easiest to actually start doing.
I think it’s fairly safe to say we all know how to run, we are all capable of doing it and it doesn’t require any special membership. (Unless you want to join Lisa’s Awesome Cool Peeps Running Club – for just a small fee of $500! You get a free T-shirt!)

But, in saying that, I think it’s also probably one of the scariest things to do – if you’ve never done it before – excluding that terrified little sprint you do when crossing a busy road, or when there’s only one jar of nacho sauce left on the shelf.

It’s pretty scary because generally you have to go out in public to do it. And there’s people out there – people that may see you huffing, puffing, sweaty and dishevelled. Dear lord, what if you see someone you actually know?!
I think it also scares people because it’s actually really quite hard. Hell, it scares me because it’s hard!
But if it was easy then everyone would be doing it and you wouldn’t feel as cool saying ‘yeah, I’m a runner – what of it?’.
If you’re still frightened then check out my post 11 reasons you’re scared to exercise and what to do about it.
If you’ve got your brave girl knickers on then read on for some tips on how to start running.

❤ Find a good place to run. You can always just run from your house and around the streets, which is super convenient, but personally I am not a fan of running around residential areas solely because I’m scared of dogs.
I know that sounds a bit silly but I hate it when they jump out and start barking. Scares the shit out of me!
Anyway, if you know your town then you’ve probably seen people out running in certain places. If you don’t then google it or, even better, download the Strava app and have a look at the map of run routes near you.
I always go for a drive to check the area out first so I know what to expect.

❤ Get the right gear. You don’t need to spend hundreds on getting all the flashy outfits, but two things that you definitely need to drop some stacks on are: super supportive shoes and a freakin’ supportive sports bra.
This is probably commonsense, but running is really, really tough on your joints and if your shoes aren’t right for you then you will get injuries and then you won’t be able to do anything. Take it from me, the injury queen.
Also, running is really, really tough on your jingle bobs so you just gotta hold them in place with a decent sports bra. In fact, in my half marathon I wore two at the same time. Not uncommon for women who are generously endowed.
Some other gear that I would recommend if you’re feeling particularly flush with cash: compression tights, decent headphones, sunglasses and maybe even a GPS watch.

❤ Just do it. Just go outside and start running. Who gives a crap if you can’t even run for 30 seconds? Seriously? I don’t. Old mate walking his dog doesn’t. Super marathon runner man doesn’t. Yummy mummy pushing her baby pram doesn’t. So, just decide not to care.
Run for 30 seconds, then walk for 30, and repeat. Just keep trying until you get better.
One of my favourite tricks is to look ahead and pick a landmark, like a tree or a signpost, and tell myself ‘I’m just going to run to that spot’. When I get there I pick another spot further ahead and do the same.
Whenever someone asks me for running tips – and trust me, I’m certainly no pro – I always, always suggest the Couch to 5k app. It’s honestly awesome.
It’s a program that goes for nine weeks and slowly builds up the length of time you run until you can finally run the 5km distance. It plays in behind your music and tells you when to run and when you can walk, and gives you little encouraging boosts in your ear. Download it, do it.

❤ Keep doing it. Yep, simple as that. If you can do it once then you can do it again. And again and again and again.
I’d recommend three times a week at most, and don’t forget to stretch afterwards.

If you’re trying to lose weight then don’t forget you need to lift weights, too! But running is the best thing ever to build your cardio fitness.

Now you have everything you need, except your membership to Lisa’s Awesome Cool Peeps Running Club, of course.

What do you think the hardest thing about running is? Let me know in the comments below.

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Tuesday Check-In: Makeup-free selfie and a smart sister

No makeup selfie A Little Bit Of Lisa

Well, Facebook has absolutely exploded with makeup-free selfies this week, hasn’t it?
I think it’s a great cause, but what I think is just as cool is that so many women are feeling brave enough to put their beautiful and real faces out into the world!
My dear younger sister posted her all natural selfie this week with this comment, which I thought was lovely:
“I have seen a few comments about how does doing this help with awareness of cancer… it may not help with the cure for cancer, but what’s the harm in showing our natural selves, and accepting everyone for who they are naturally, accepting everyone for their differences, accepting them as equals.”
Smart young lady!

I haven’t posted a makeup-free selfie to Facebook, but most of the photos of myself that I post on my blog each week are sans makeup, because I like to keep things real around here.
So today (up there ^) I’ve given you a double whammy – a makeup-free, post-workout picture. I’m totally sweaty and gross. Probably smelly, too.
I was even so hungry that I included my post-workout meal in the picture. Nom nom nom chicken and veges!

I just couldn’t wait to eat after the workout session I did with my PT today. I usually do my training as a split (different muscle groups on different days) but today we did a full body workout because I’m going to New Zealand this week and I won’t be able to train.
If you were wondering, we did three sets of 15 reps each of squats, seated leg curls, cable row, clean and press, assisted pull-ups, and finished off with 11 minutes of high intensity intervals on the stationary bike. That was a mean all-over workout. Do it!

Two sleeps until I fly out to New Zealand to see Adam!! You can’t even comprehend how excited I am.
I am planning to get a head-start on moving over by taking a big bag of stuff to leave there. So far, I’ve managed to get the bag out of the cupboard.
So clearly I’m making really good progress…


At the weekend I popped into Melbourne to catch up with my blogging posse at the birthday party of the lovely Pearl from Pretty Mayhem. It was amazing to spend time with smart and creative women! And thanks to Ash from Eatable there was sugar-free cupcakes! Yum alert!


 Get involved in this discussion on Thru The Blue: Are single-sex gyms the answer for exercise-shy women? What do you think?
 Here’s 30 things to start doing for yourself.
 Fit and Feminist rants about elitism in fitness. There’s not only one way of doing things, and as the saying goes: the best exercise for a person is the one they’ll actually do.
 Did you see my fun post on 40 reasons health and fitness makes your life really hard? Can you relate?


“You’re busy with what you said yes to. Are they the right things to get you where you want to go?” – Megan Dalla-Camina

How was your week? What do you think of the makeup-free movement? Let me know in the comments below!